Would you rather listen to Josh tell his story? You’ll find his video testimonial below! Josh suffered from: Constant severe pain, allergies, gut issues, anxiety, skin rashes Below Josh tells about his experience. For years, I had stomach issues, indigestion, nausea and felt feverish after eating. Then, I developed neck issues and severe neuralgia causing […]

Suppressing Chronic Symptoms Doesn’t Address the Root Cause

Would you rather listen to Shoshi tell her story? You’ll find her video testimonial below! Shoshi was suffering from: Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Bi-Polar Disorder, Crippling Insomnia Below Shoshi tells about her experience. When I found Michal and her program I was at my rock bottom. I was struggling with severe insomnia, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and […]

Would you rather listen to Denise tell her story? You’ll find her video testimonial below! Denise is a nurse who suffered from: Autoimmune, Diabetes, Trauma, Epstein Barr, Food Allergies, Goiter, Gout, and more. Below Denise tells about her experience. I feel like a brand new human being. I hope that everyone gets to do this […]

Overcoming chronic illness to becoming a brand new human being by working with Chronic Illness Solution

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