Finding Peace Beyond Panic: Overcoming Severe Anxiety Symptoms with the Chronic Illness Solution Program

Overcoming Severe Anxiety Symptoms

Here at Chronic Illness Solution, we get it – severe anxiety symptoms can feel like a heavy burden. We’re all about addressing the root cause and creating lasting relief from your chronic symptoms. Our personalized program is here to empower you in facing those tough moments. We’re all on a journey toward wellness, recognizing that everyone’s struggle is unique. We are showcasing a recent Complete Health Program graduate as he shares his path of healing, resilience, and triumph over severe anxiety symptoms. 

Would you prefer to listen to Jon tell us his story? You’ll find the full testimonial video below. 

Before CIS: Recognizing the Severe Anxiety Symptoms Weren’t Going Away

Before Jon started the Complete Health Program, he was having extreme anxiety and panic attacks that led to depression. It was debilitating and he lost interest in everything that he loved to do like fly fishing and skiing. 

Jon would have panic attacks thinking something was going to happen to him. Some were so extreme that he thought he was going to die. 

To top it off, Jon was having a lot of digestive issues. He went to the doctor several times and they would always tell him there was “nothing wrong.”

But he knew his body was telling him something different. His symptoms were screaming for him to listen that there was something wrong and to keep reaching out to different people.

Jon tried meditating and exercising, and while those things helped they never really got to the root cause of what was really going on. 

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From Struggle to Strength: Overcoming Severe Anxiety with CIS Program

Jon explains, “I chose this program because it gets down to the root cause. Most people have symptoms because of what they tell themselves daily. With the work that I had already done, I was very aware of what was going on in my head. It showed the negativity that I was thinking about daily, and I didn’t have that optimistic view on my life and on my body and I continued to worry about what was going on. By changing this belief and taking layers off the emotions and all, it allowed me to see what I was doing wrong and how I could work on it properly.”

Jon was always looking outside of himself to try to find out what was wrong with him. 

His resistance was believing that it was something external or outside of himself.

He always found himself thinking, “maybe if I make more money,” or “move somewhere different” …those sorts of things. 

When Jon realized that it was from within, he had a little bit of resistance. It was kind of scary when he finally realized that he was causing the problem. He said it gave him anxiety even more. 

“I FELT like I was really being controlled by something else. I learned that I make things that are small and blow them up into these astronomic things.”

Key Takeaways Inside Chronic Illness Solution

A big takeaway that Jon learned inside the program is that not everything needs to be tackled right now because that can cause it’s own set of issues. He does things one thing at a time. The work didn’t happen overnight. It took time to find healing. He says, “I take the things that make me feel good and go in that direction.”

The biggest change Jon reports experiencing since using this program is that he has a lot more confidence in moving forward with his life and knowing that everything is okay. There’s ups and downs and that’s just part of being human.

One of his favorite parts of the program is the emotional release. Jon says, “I love that part of my program because it frees those emotions and it takes them away. It frees up that negative energy and I can have new energy to put in its place.  Releasing that emotion just took so much weight off.”

From Struggle to Strength: Overcoming Severe Anxiety with CIS Program

Jon explains, “Doing this program is really “being true to yourself,” go for what you want and not just take the easy road (the path of least resistance). The belief and awareness that you can do it and taking the easy way isn’t always what is best. It creates a coherence in your body that your body and your brain can work together not against each other. You can show up for yourself and be present. 

What I’d like others to know is “have patience”. Because when you start taking the layers off it’s going to feel like you are going backwards and that’s ok. Just have patience and work through your stuff. It is so worth it.”

A Glimpse into Transformative Healing: Chronic Illness Solution Success Story

At Chronic Illness Solution, each individual’s path to healing is distinct. Have you ever pondered the prospect of living a symptom-free and fully healthy life despite your chronic illness? Rest assured, achieving a life without symptoms and optimal health doesn’t necessarily require external interventions; what you need is a fresh approach.

Are you prepared to delve into the underlying causes of your chronic illness symptoms? Let’s embark on this transformative journey together and work towards attaining the fulfilling life you’ve longed for. If you’re eager to connect with others who have completed our program, join our exclusive Facebook Group.

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