Misdiagnosed by her doctor…

Regina was suffering from: Autoimmune, Hashimoto’s disease, and chronic fatigue

Below Regina tells about her experience.

I was suffering from no energy and horrible heart palpitations before starting the program. When I was talking to Michal LeBaron about my symptoms, she said “I think you may have Hashimoto’s. Let’s do some blood work and make sure”.

My doctors kept bringing me in for stress tests. It just blows my mind because most people suffer for many, many years before finding out, but with Michal’s help, I only suffered for a couple years.

I also had a lot of insecurities and felt like I didn’t have a voice or couldn’t be heard. Because of that, I would act out in a passive-aggressive manner. My husband and my relationship started to deteriorate where we had once been so close. I was so wrapped up in false realities about myself that I didn’t trust myself to make good decisions. I would always people-please, even with simple things like “where to eat”.

Now, I am emotionally stable. I confront my emotions from within before they become something “uglier” and just let them go. When something comes up and I am irritable, I look in my heart and accept the results of the situation, and not let it get to me. I can recognize what I’m doing and know it’s not anyone else’s fault. I don’t have to blame anyone else or make excuses for what’s going on in me. I just have to stop and slow down and say or feel what is really going on “here”.

This program and the tools with the program have helped me to be honest with myself and be willing to be vulnerable. I needed to switch false beliefs. You don’t recognize these false beliefs until you learn these tools and how to use them continuously.

Thank you for helping me finally get through all that clutter and finding out who I am in my walk and what my value truly is.

Whoever is listening, know that you are a valuable person. The tools that you learn help you, your spouse, and your kids look at you differently. There are 2 positive things for every negative thing you say about yourself. And that’s the message I want to get out.

How you carry yourself is how you will be treated and it has to be authentic, not false, because it is seen by others.

I love that everything was set into place for me with this program and that it worked.

I joined the program was because I really wanted to change. I was not happy with where I was. I knew that if I wanted to get unstuck out of the rut I was in then I needed to do things differently, get the help I needed and trust Michal. Because she has walked the walk.

It’s not about trying; it’s about making the choice and doing it.

When you can see how wonderful you are, then you can really care about and love others.

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