Maintaining a Symptom-Free Life: One Year Later

Like so many people, Melissa experienced a traumatic event that severely impacted her life and health. In the video below, Melissa shares an update on her life one year after working with Chronic Illness Solution. Didn’t catch her original testimonial? You can read her original review and watch her share her story here.

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Melissa was suffering from: Multiple sclerosis (MS), trauma, autoimmunity, and depression

Below Melissa tells about her experience.

In 2014 I had been raped by 4 men. I had been in court for four years after that to hold them accountable for what had happened. The actual event that had happened and the whole court process was very traumatizing.

After the court stuff was all done that was March-May of 2019 about 6 months later I started losing vision in my right eye.

I went to the ophthalmologist and doctors kept telling me nothing was wrong. They said there was a family history of autoimmune that “caused optic neuritis.”

So, I started taking the medication the doctors prescribed for me which actually made it worse. I was bedridden for literally 2 months.

So, I did research within myself and it was almost like spontaneous healing once “I got it”.

My victim role started way before this event had happened and I was able to pinpoint that and I was able to take responsibility for my role.

I have not had any symptoms since then and I have been responsible for going to my medical appointments.

 Fast forward a year, and I am symptom-free.

 I feel better than I ever have in my whole life.

 Everything has a root cause, everything is solvable.

You’re super powerful and you can heal yourself.

You just need to learn how to do so.

If you are afraid of the “what ifs” that’s when you need to do this program to get better.

If you don’t, you never will.

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