We help you identify the root cause of your symptoms so you can finally be symptom free. 

Aren't you sick and tired of your dis-ease running your life?

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We've helped individuals from all over the world break free of their chronic illnesses and begin living symptom free.

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain

Leaky Gut, IBS, and GI Disorders

Food Sensitivities

Cardiovascular Conditions

Thyroid Dysfunction

Anxiety and Depression

Chronic Inflamation

Hormone Imbalances and Infertility

Adrenal Fatigue

Biotoxins and Heavy Metals

Skin Conditions

Autoimmune Disease

Dis-ease-specific symptoms:


Sleep Deprivation





Here is a brief list of the chronic symptoms we've helped to eliminate:

It’s time to stop telling yourself that you just need to see one more specialist or try one more holistic diet.

We know you're tired of taking supplements, restricting your diet, traveling to see specialists, and Googling your symptoms (again and again) because despite suppressing one symptom, another one just seems to pop up. It’s confusing and tiring to suffer day after day without any answers. 

The fact is, you’ve already tried conventional AND alternative methods but nothing works. 

You don’t need to be frustrated anymore! By identifying the root cause of your symptoms, you will finally get a permanent solution that lasts you a lifetime. 

The answer you’ve been looking for

With our tailored approach to healing, you'll finally live the life you've dreamed of with a self-repairing body. 

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In order to ensure your success, we offer a program transition phase. Here you will get two extra months of check-in and supportive graduate calls. After having resolved your chronic symptoms, you will have learned to live life in a new, healthy way. No more relying on external tools to manage symptoms. Instead, you will know how to activate your self-repair system.

Living Fully

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Upon acceptance into the Complete Health Program, you’ll gain support from a team of professionals. Through one-on-one and group coaching sessions, and access to daily support, you will get everything you need to become fully healthy.

Healing Phase

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We start with a no-pressure (really!), complimentary consultation call where we provide comprehensive education about us and our process. Together, we determine if our program is a good fit for you and which path is most supportive for your healing.

Breakthrough Call

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A path to health and wellbeing unlike any other you've experienced. 
Here is how it works:

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If you are suffering, listen to Michal's story.

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I know just how hopeless it feels to be called a "mystery" by doctors.

Through my own journey of overcoming being bedridden with autoimmune, genetic, and environmental illnesses, I developed a passion for teaching others to do the same.

On my journey to becoming fully healthy, I was able to ditch the restrictive diets, supplements, and ongoing therapies altogether. If it's possible for me — and all of my clients — I know it's possible for you. 

When working with Chronic Illness Solution, you are getting an entire team of practitioners with various specialities supporting you. Our practitioners can only teach our program after going through the process themselves, becoming fully healthy, and undergoing extensive training over time to teach this work. 

Meet Michal LeBaron —
founder of Chronic Illness Solution 

from bedridden to fully healthy wife & mom

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Before finding the Complete Health Program, Denise suffered from autoimmune disorders, diabetes, trauma-related symptoms, Epstein-Barr virus, food allergies, goiter, gout, and more. 


DENISE S.     |     

"I feel like a brand new human being.
I hope everyone gets to do this work.
I can't express how worth it it is"

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Our comprehensive approach to healing.

Complete Health Program

The practitioners at CIS won't stop until you feel relief from your chronic symptoms.

You sensed something wasn't right in your body and you kept looking until you found a solution. 

You are in the right place. The Complete Health Program can help you. We believe you. We want to help.

The answers you've been looking for are one short application away. 

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