Overcoming Chronic Back Pain: A Client’s Success Story with the Chronic Illness Solution Program

Overcoming Chronic Back Pain and Trauma

At Chronic Illness Solution, we work day in and day out with people suffering from chronic back pain. We KNOW you have tried everything to find relief. Today we have the pleasure of sharing the story of a program graduate, Sariah, who suffered from chronic pain, past trauma, sexual abuse, and family separation. 

PS: Would you prefer to listen to Sariah tell her story? You’ll find the full testimonial video below.

Trigger warning: The content below contains descriptions of the abuse and healing journey. Viewer discretion is advised. 

Before Discovering Hope and Healing Through CIS Program

Before Sariah came to the Complete Health Program she was suffering from a lot of trauma. She struggled with pain in her body. 

Several tests were performed and so much dedication was involved. She started to learn that every time things weren’t going well mentally is when she would have the pain. 

“It was so amazing to find Chronic Illness Solution because they work on all sides of the health spectrum (emotional, spiritual, and physical). If you really want to be heal you have to look at all the aspects of your health.” 

There was a lot of trauma in Sariah’s past including sexual abuse. She goes on to say, “The sad part is that these things were happening with my siblings also and we didn’t know that it was wrong.”

The Journey to Wellness: A Personal Account

Sariah Shares Her Backstory:

“When I was nine my parents split up and my mother remarried. My two sisters went with my mom (which tore me to pieces because my sisters were like my daughters) and my brothers and I stayed with my dad and grandma. The family splitting up was a lot on us all.

Years later, I didn’t remember any of these things that had happened sexually. But my close Aunt had noticed something because she and her siblings had been through the same thing.

Something had happened that caused a pattern in my father and so when I was about 15 my aunt started bringing up things from her past.

I couldn’t believe it and I was mad at her for even bringing it up.

I felt hopeless because there was nothing I could do to help my siblings. There was this weight on me because I was the oldest and was not able to protect them and so I felt responsible for what had happened.

Over time things really started to make sense for me. We have since talked about it and worked through things which has actually made us all closer.

So, when I became a new mom and I started with Michal LeBaron and Chronic Illness Solution I wanted to protect my child and make sure this big bad scary world wasn’t going to harm my child.

I knew I had to work on myself so that I could really be there as a good mom for my son.”

Woman holding her neck because she is experiencing upper back pain

Empowered Living: How the Chronic Illness Solution Program Transformed My Life

Before working with Chronic Illness Solution, Sariah had a lot of emotional trauma that she had just “stuffed down.”

She had marital issues (her husband looking at porn) that was triggering for her. From an early age, she thought she wasn’t good enough. So naturally when she grew up that thought patterned stuck with her: I’m not good enough.

Sariah tried other things (Landmark & marriage programs) that opened the door for her, but working on “belief switches” and “clearing my cup” [nervous system regulation concepts from the Complete Health Program], were amazing for her recovery journey.

Sariah says, “I used to have so much pain in my pelvis and shoulders. Since being on the program, I now for the first time in my life have had regular periods. When I was able to release the emotional baggage I had, it also relieved the pain and symptoms I was having. This has had a huge impact on my love for myself, my life, who I can be for my husband and our marriage and being a much better parent.

I feel that I have broken the family pattern. I am the chain breaker.

The weight that was on my shoulders is now relieved because I have released these things. I can be there to support my family during their trying times. I know that it’s not my fault and I’m not obligated to take that responsibility or new responsibilities. I have let go.”

Sariah can hold boundaries with her family and said, “I had a recent experience where I told a family member “no” about something so they could help themselves and I could continue in my healing. It had a wonderful ripple effect because that family member is now working on himself and not expecting help all the time.”

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A Client Success Story: Overcoming Chronic Back Pain Relief

At Chronic Illness Solution, every person’s journey to healing is unique. Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you were symptom-free and fully healthy from your chronic illness? Let us assure you, you don’t need external interventions to live symptom-free and fully healthy. You need to try something different. 

Are you ready to finally address the root cause of your chronic illness symptoms? Let’s embark on this journey together and help you achieve the life you’ve been yearning for. If you want to connect with other people who have completed our program, head over to our private Facebook Group.

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