From former client to life coach: Overcoming crippling fear

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Elizabeth was suffering from: Crippling fear, trauma, and triggers

Below Elizabeth tells about her experience.

I started back in 2018. I was getting a divorce for the 3rd time from the same man. I lived on my own with my kids for 4 years and I had just found my passion for coaching and made that my 5-year goal. I had just met Michal LeBaron and I was getting ready to work on a panel of coaches that was going to be published and I didn’t see myself as a coach yet. I was scared to death.

At the time that I started this program, I had a lot of triggers and a lot of fear.

I was getting a divorce for real this time and I was starting my new life as a Life Coach.

The biggest changes that I have seen using these tools are my belief switches. When I would wake the next morning, I would use that switch and the fear or trigger would just melt away.

The fear of not succeeding and that it would be the “end of me” was so ominous. Then we did a belief switch, and my core beliefs shifted and that fear was just gone. It was amazing. I now have a conscious awareness that’s not who I am and of what is really going on. I know that I can use the tools I learned to resolve the situation.

So, when I started my life coach journey, I was scared. I didn’t have all the capital I needed or education and I didn’t have a website, etc… I didn’t know how to find people, and I didn’t know how to have them hand me money.

It started with working with someone who was more experienced and smarter than me. That was Michal LeBaron. I started working with, being mentored and trained by her, and then went right into making a difference for people.

As I started working with her, I was also working with my clients and seeing their results. And that helped me get clear in my own value in myself and my clients. 

I had my finances in order and my life in order enough to just jump and get my business rolling. I started Networking and my business just took off.

If people know you’re there, they will come. I got my first client in about 70 days and that client came back to my networking group and shared her experience which brought several more clients my way. So, stepping out of my comfort zone and getting the tools from my program allowed me to reach my goal without fear.

You have to be 100% in and ready to learn and be open.

This program has given me the ability to work alive and not half-dead.

The first step is integrity, taking 100% ownership, then with a blank slate you work together and have creation and partnership.

I thank Michal and her program for giving me a chance to share my story.

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