Suppressing Chronic Symptoms Doesn’t Address the Root Cause

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Josh suffered from: Constant severe pain, allergies, gut issues, anxiety, skin rashes

Below Josh tells about his experience.

For years, I had stomach issues, indigestion, nausea and felt feverish after eating. Then, I developed neck issues and severe neuralgia causing nerve pain in my face, forehead, and random places throughout my body. It felt like someone was stabbing me or like my face was burning on fire. It was a really horrible experience for years. It seemed like there was no relief in sight for a long time.

I went down the modern medicine route with a neurologist and rheumatologist and we talked about burning nerves in my neck to try to get rid of the pain. I did physical therapy twice within a year just to get some mobility back in my neck. I felt I plateaued, so I tried all kinds of expensive supplements, spending more than $500/month on them. It helped some but felt like a waste. I would use massage therapy to deal with immediate pain. It was a lot of constant work just to exist and have some semblance of a life. 

I had taken more ownership of my health but was getting paid dividends. Then, I joined Michal’s Facebook group and started learning and doing the things Michal was talking about in her videos. I thought to myself “I bet I can go all the way with this!” 

I followed other people like Abraham Hicks, Gregg Braden, and Joe Dispenza for several months. I felt I came a long way, but I still was missing something and knew I wasn’t getting to the root cause of what was making me sick. I knew I was not figuring it out on my own. 

So I scheduled my breakthrough call with Michal.

12 Weeks later, I have full mobility. Everything is so much more in focus and clear. It’s amazing. 

My job still has stressful parts (like a guy quitting and getting a promotion with new responsibilities) and I’m handling it like a champ. I’ve got a lot of life issues coming at me still and I’m able to articulate what I need, what my expectations are, whether I am able to take the criticism and opposition in what I want with grace, and am able to diplomatically find solutions. 

In the past, I would have handled these situations by shutting down and finding a place to hide away. And my symptoms would have gotten worse, my face would have felt like it was on fire. I’ve been able to keep myself from flaring up because I know it’s just life and life happens and I have the tools that I need to deal with life. 

It’s an amazing feeling. If you’ve ever felt that hole in your chest like something’s missing. That’s the piece where you don’t love yourself. If you can figure out how to completely fully, wholly, accept yourself for who you are, that hole is filled. 

Looking back now, I’ve reflected on my life and thought about all the things that have set me up and put me in the position I’m in – the good and bad. My responses to all the things that have happened in my life, a lot of which I’d chosen to ignore. All the things I chose to ignore created patterns from that point forward which manifested in funny and very obscure ways. 

For example, I feel I’m not good enough because when I was little I asked my Dad to buy me a new remote control car and he got upset with me, so now I can’t buy myself that nice “thing”. All of these things added up in my life. Some of them that I could peel back and sort out myself and some of them I only knew there was something deep there and I could feel in my gut that I had to do some serious work to get to the bottom of it. 

But we play tricks on ourselves too. And that’s when I finally decided to find a coach and get in the Complete Health Program. I knew I didn’t have the perception from my current vantage point. I wanted to. So that was enough to get me going and to get my commitment to where it needed to be to get the work done. 

When you are stuck in the middle of a field somewhere in 3 ft of mud, you need someone to pull you out. (And yes, I actually just bought myself the nice lawnmower I needed.)

It was hard to decide to do the program at first because this program is so different from conventional or any kind of natural medicine. It’s a completely different way of looking at health. 

The things that made it up for me were:

  1. Watching a video in the Facebook group where Michal asked “are you fighting for your right to have trauma and be sick?”. I thought really good and hard about that message and it struck a chord. I thought “Wow, I see that all around me. People fight for their right to be sick and traumatized all the time”. 
  2. Knowing that this program was looking at health in a whole new way
  3. Seeing other people’s testimonials who have gone through the program
  4. After I went through the breakthrough call and the way it made me feel. The way I was able to validate for myself that I was totally hanging onto some trauma and I could see where in my life I had created my symptoms and knew this was for me.
  5. I could tell just in talking with Michal for the breakthrough call that I got the sense that she was in this to help people and truly has a gift for helping people do this hard work. 

It’s not easy. I can’t imagine as a practitioner what they have to experience, because it’s hard work to retrain your way of thinking in the ways that we have to in order to get around what we’ve built up around ourselves. 

Michal is so compassionate and understanding and in tune with her clients. It’s refreshing to have that level of knowledge and care given toward you; to have someone pay that close attention to your problems and really work through them in a way that you can grasp and retain forever. She won’t give up on me. 

I believe you can heal. 

And if you believe it and you really want to take on the work that you’ve got to put in to heal, it’s definitely something you can do. It’s never going to be an easy path because nothing’s easy and that’s why it feels so good. All of the hardest things are the best things at the end of it. When it comes to taking care of yourself and having the best life, you are worth it. It doesn’t matter what you’ve been through in your life, what you’ve done, what kind of job you have, how old you are, how young you are… you are worth it. If you think you have 5 years left on this planet, make those years the best years of your life.

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