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Mary was suffering from: Anxiety, depression, co-dependency, and trauma

Below Mary tells about her experience.

I have been working with Michal and her team for about 3 and a half months.

A brief history: I am number 5 out of 10 kids. My parents’ relationship was moderately abusive, so that’s the environment that I grew up in.  I was co-dependent. I had anxiety and depression my entire life.

We moved a lot. There was one place that we lived at for 9 years, but other than that we were constantly moving. My ability to have good relationships has been very low because of the abuse, the co-dependency, and constant moving.

So, current-day, my husband and I moved to Bolivia.  I had 4 children in 6 years. I didn’t know the language in Bolivia and I was still co-dependent. It was just a horrible “storm”.

I started getting help from a psychiatrist and started making progress when my husband came to me and said he wanted a divorce. We came back to the United States and I stayed with my sister in her basement with my 4 kids. I didn’t have a job. I was in the process of a divorce. I was still taking medication and was very emotional. My husband had come and left twice. I felt like my sister was being abusive to me as well. Every relationship that I have had has been bad and felt like it was actively destroying me more. I had a couple people who checked in on me from time to time, but I didn’t have a support team.

Some of the biggest changes I have encountered from doing the program is that I’m not co-dependent and it doesn’t control my life anymore.

Financially, I’m not relying on someone else.

My mental health is a huge change, which in turn makes my physical health better.

When I was seeing the psychiatrist, she prescribed medication and my therapist taught me a few tools, but I spent a lot my time explaining my situation with no resolve.

When I found this program, I was drawn in because it was very formula-based. You get in and you get the answers. And that’s the answer my past doctors only covered a piece of my illness. With this program, we worked on all my illnesses and got to the root cause.

I modified my program, because I was homeless, and I couldn’t afford the program. I would take a little piece and live that piece. I would apply that piece to my life.

I was able to be truthful with Michal and because I was honest, she was able to work with me.

I now have a job where I work with homeless people and help them. I get along with them because we have common ground. If I wouldn’t have done this program, I would be homeless but because I did the program I work with the homeless, which is very authentic. I have a job instead of being a “broken person”.

Life is like being in the ocean on a raft.  You can’t swim and you’re in these storms that keep knocking you into the ocean but having ongoing support and the tools that my program has given me is like having a life preserver with a bungee cord that can bring you back to the surface. Whatever your biggest fear in life is — it’s a way out of that.

Internally, I have changed because I realize that a lot is going on, but I have the choice in the outcome now. It’s like I am a whole new person. I am becoming who I am.

What I want to tell people is to be authentic. Don’t be fake and try to live up to anyone’s expectations it’s your life. The more authentic you are, the better the coaches are in helping you succeed.

I honestly communicate “this is where I’m at” and the coaches tailor your program to you. The coaches give just enough information for you to find your own answer.

Thank you for this opportunity.

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