The practitioners at Chronic Illness Solution are here to help show you how this is possible. 

No longer suppressing your symptoms by relying on:
Ongoing diets 

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you were symptom-free and fully healthy from your chronic illness?

i'm ready to live symptom-free

What you need is to try something different. 

It's obvious the traditional route of healing your symptoms isn't working.

Let us assure you, you don't need external interventions to live symptom-free and fully healthy.

It's obvious the traditional route of healing your symptoms isn't working. Let us assure you, you don't need external interventions to live symptom-free and fully healthy.

Not only do we live and teach from our own experiences, but we have a 100% success rate in our graduates being fully healthy by completion of the program.

Unparalleled Success Rate

No two people are the same, and we don't think you healing should be either. We follow a 10-module framework, but other than that each healing journey is different so the advice we give will look different for each person.

Comprehensive & Differentiated

We do not believe in bandaid fixes around here. We work tirelessly to find the unconscious behavioral patterns that are leading to a dysregulated nervous system.

Root Cause Focused

Why Our Approach Is Different:

i am ready to heal

  • You're open-minded to a new way of healing
  • You're motivated to live differently
  • You've tried everything else

Why do we use the term "chronic illness" instead of listing all of the different types of diagnoses we've worked with?

We define it as any unwanted, ongoing symptom that is mental, emotional, or physical that requires some sort of coping tool to support it.

There are hundreds of chronic illnesses, so instead of listing them all, we try to identify what type of person finds success in our program:

who is this for
If someone is truly ready to break away from their symptoms, we believe we can help them.

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In order to ensure your success, we offer a program transition phase. Here you will get two extra months of check-in and supportive graduate calls. After having resolved your chronic symptoms, you will have learned to live life in a new, healthy way. No more relying on external tools to manage symptoms. Instead, you will know how to activate your self-repair system.

Living Fully

step 3:

Upon acceptance into the Complete Health Program, you’ll gain support from a team of professionals. Through one-on-one and group coaching sessions, and access to daily support, you will get everything you need to become fully healthy.

Healing Phase

step 2:

We start with a no-pressure (really!), complimentary consultation call where we provide comprehensive education about us and our process. Together, we determine if our program is a good fit for you and which path is most supportive for your healing.

Breakthrough Call

step 1:
how it works

You feel like you are at your wits-end with the health care system and are ready to pursue a permanent solution to your suffering.

We work with goal-oriented individuals who are ready to take action towards a symptom-free life.

this program is perfect for you if...

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Ongoing group Zoom support

2 months of post-program follow-up support

Our 10-module Complete Health Program

Daily, ongoing Zoom and text support for the duration of your program

Our unique Breakthrough Call experience that is designed to identify the root cause of your illness through a comprehensive health-history

This is the missing piece to your healing journey.

Complete Health Program

what's included


What if the "mystery" was finally solved and you became fully empower in your life to be fully healthy?

What if you could understand WHY you became ill, how to get better, and how to maintain those results for a lifetime?

You can't afford not to invest in your health

So, you can keep doing what you've been doing, trying to figure out how to suppress your symptoms on your own, or with yet another specialist, or you can finally take back your life and sign up for the Complete Health Program to break free from your chronic symptoms.

You don't have to feel hopeless, helpless, or broken anymore. The Complete Health Program exists to help you find the root cause of your symptoms so you can live a full, healthy life.

Your wellbeing - 

Researching symptoms, finding new doctors because the old ones wouldn't listen to you, sitting on the sidelines of life because your symptoms are flaring up again... 

Your precious time - 

Think about it: special food, supplements, trips to the chiropractor or massage therapists, ongoing bloodwork, prescriptions, doctor appointments... that all adds up.

So much money - 

It's already costing you:

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Before finding the Complete Health Program, Josh suffered from constant severe pain, allergies, gut issues, anxiety, and skin rashes.


JOSH B.     |     

"For years I had stomach issues, indigestion, nausea and felt feverish after eating. Then I developed neck issues and sever neuralgia causing nerve pain in my face, forehead, and random places throughout my body. It felt like someone was stabbing me or like my face was burning on fire. It was a really horrible experience for years. It seemed like there was no relief in sight for a long time." 


JOSH B.     |     

"I went down the modern medicine route with a neurologist and rheumatologist and we talked about burning nerves in my neck to try to get rid of the pain. I did physical therapy twice within a year just to get some mobility back in my neck. I felt plateaued, so I tried all kinds of expensive supplements, spending more than $500/month on them. It helped some, but felt like a waste."


JOSH B.     |     

"I would use massage therapy to deal with immediate pain. It was a lot of constant work just to exist and have some semblance of a life. I had taken more ownership over my health, but was getting paid dividends. Then I joined Michal's Facebook group and started learning and doing the things Michal was talking about in her videos. I thought to myself: I bet I can go all the way with this!"


JOSH B.     |     

"So I scheduled my Breakthrough Call with Michal. 

12 weeks later, I have full mobility. Everything is os much more in focus and clear. 

It's amazing."


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hear your practitioner's stories

Madalyn Baer
Enrollment & Breakthrough Coach

Bryce Briggs
Functional Medicine & Complete Health Program Instructor

Michal LeBaron - Founder

At Chronic Illness Solution, we are a team that is on a mission to help individuals overcome their chronic illness symptoms.

By taking a comprehensive, educational approach we have been able to collectively serve thousands of clients.

We have brought all of our expertise together to offer the Complete Health Program.

A team of practitioners who have been where you are. 

who will you be working with?


Rather than a modality or method which, by definition, is one size fits all approach, we teach a new understanding of how one’s body works to determine and address the root cause of symptoms. We help our clients find the exact stressors and internal conflicts that started a biochemical-cascade, dysregulating their nervous system, that over months led to the development of their illness(s). When one uncovers the clear and undeniable cause and effect in the chain of events leading up to their illness, they are able to experientially understand the relationship to their symptoms and how they perceive life events and circumstances. 

If the insurance route is one that works for an individual, they should pursue that. We work with individuals to whom that route has failed. If we accepted insurance, it would limit us to what we can do for our clients. We do however accept HSAs/FSAs, Samaritan Ministries and Zion Healthshares, Care Credit and offer other funding and resources to ensure our programs are affordable and workable for our clients. 

We do not offer a generic program. Each program is created to address the unique needs of each client, with varying conditions. To apply for care, you must start with a complimentary consultation so we can educate you clearly on what we do and get a clear picture of your health history and needs in order to identify what your program would entail. 

"In biology, homeostasis is the state of steady internal, physical, and chemical conditions... of optimal functioning." There are no chronic symptoms when homeostasis is achieved. Whether physical, mental or emotional in nature ALL symptoms are able to resolve when the root cause is addressed.  

Our programs can be difficult to understand without going through the process. Wishful thinking will not change one’s biological functioning to bring about healing. To begin a process of cellular repair and regeneration the root cause of nervous system dysregulation must be identified and resolved at an unconscious biological level. This requires a process of working with a trained practitioner who can guide the discovery of these unconscious triggers. Our core beliefs, for example, are developed before the age of six years old and influence our experiences of life in subtle and obscure ways. While they are easy and obvious for our clients to see once pointed out, it is not something someone can think through consciously on their own, without objective insight. These internal beliefs cannot be changed by “changing our thoughts”.They create thought-processes within the mind, which are responsible for our auto-matic perceptions, reactions, feelings, and habits.

You do not have to discontinue anything you are currently doing for your health. Our programs work in tandem with other modalities and treatment plans.

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Our comprehensive approach to healing.

Complete Health Program

The practitioners at CIS won't stop until you feel relief from your chronic symptoms.

You sensed something wasn't right in your body and you kept looking until you found a solution. 

You are in the right place. The Complete Health Program can help you. We believe you. We want to help.

The answers you've been looking for are one short application away. 

The Complete Health Program is the answer you've been searching for.

Are you ready to transform your future?