If you have chronic illness or symptoms you are stuck living in the sympathetic nervous system. If you require ongoing “tools” to manage or suppress symptoms, the same is true.  It’s easy to conceptually get this, but we are not taught a proper understanding of how illness develops and persists, and so it takes experiential […]

“Symptoms are bad. They mean something’s broken. I live in fear of having symptoms.” This mentality is the trap of chronic illness. This mentality is the actual problem that leads to ongoing and recurring symptoms. This is the worldview adopted by the masses. The conventional medicine model. The holistic medicine models. This context for viewing […]

Why We do Not Accept Traditional Insurance While our practitioners have varying medical backgrounds and degrees (psychotherapist, nurse practitioner, functional medicine, nutritionist, etc.) we do not operate in a traditional insurance model. This is very common, even amongst MDs who decide to get out of the insurance model and into a cash-pay model because they want to […]

Why CIS Has A Cash Pay Model

It’s so common in western medicine to ask what credentials a provider has What we have discovered, however, is that no amount of credentialing in western medicine is causing the results our clients are wanting. They do not want another pill, surgery, or band-aid approach. The same applies to alternative, holistic, integrative, and functional medicines. […]

Why we stopped using our formal titles