Symptoms are not what you think they are… 

“Symptoms are bad. They mean something’s broken. I live in fear of having symptoms.”

This mentality is the trap of chronic illness.

This mentality is the actual problem that leads to ongoing and recurring symptoms.

This is the worldview adopted by the masses.

The conventional medicine model.

The holistic medicine models.

This context for viewing the body, illness, and symptoms creates a game for managing the symptoms that is an unbeatable game.

If it were a video-game it would be considered an open-ended or sandbox game, meaning a significantly non-linear never-ending game. Endless-mode is a commonly used term, as is SURVIVAL MODE.

Are you ready to wake-up from the matrix and step back into the real world?

Because “these games keep players engaged and entertained for as long as they wish to indulge.”

So the most important question becomes: “How long will you be engaged in symptom management (rather than complete symptom-resolution)?

In other words…

How long will you indulge in the never-ending survival-mode of paying for a subscription of lifetime symptom-management that you’re operating in?

That game won’t change. You must change the game you’re playing.

Do you want to know what game brings about complete health?

If so, keep reading.

If not, be responsible for the choices you make and the games you play. But before you go here are two kick-in-the-butt statements for you:

  1. You ARE winning the game you’re playing.

2. Doing the same thing, expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

So, are you playing the game you WANT to be winning?

Are you just going to continue trying diet after medication after therapy after supplement after product after modality after bodyworker to manage symptoms, expecting somehow your body will just “be normal again”?

Tough questions, I know.

You didn’t even know that there WAS a different mentality available – An understanding of your symptoms and your body that leaves you fully informed, empowered, and unafraid while supporting your body to fully resolve every symptom so you can become fully healthy.

In the movie the Matrix, Morpheus offers a chance for Neo to see what the world is really like.

“After this there is no turning back. You take the blue pill, the story ends. You…believe whatever you want to. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember, all I’m offering is the truth. Nothing more.”

This is your – yes YOU – your blue pill – red pill – fork in the road – moment.

So let’s discuss the red pill, shall we?

Breaking this down into simple points seems a bit daunting, because I could write books on the subject. The best I can advise is that you read with an open mind and ask lots of questions regarding the parts that don’t make sense to you.

The reality of symptoms from my experiential learning and teaching others is that symptoms are a communication from myself to myself.

Just like in a marriage, communication IS the key to the relationship. Some say communication IS the relationship itself.

Whatever is going on INTERNALLY is what shows up EXTERNALLY. We just haven’t been taught to understand the language.

We cannot lie to our nervous system, our unconscious mind, or our body – all pretty much different words to describe the same part of us. There are experts that say the unconscious is our body. And our nervous system is what controls those unconscious processes.

The job of our nervous system is to monitor all functions and processes and if it detects an imbalance or something unresolved to create a symptom to alert us of the problem.

If we live in the parasympathetic nervous system known as “resting and digesting” or “growth and repair-mode”, we are in a constant state of self-repair and optimal function. There are no chronic symptoms here.

Symptoms only arise as an attempt to reverse the cellular and biochemical changes in the body that happen when we turn on the sympathetic nervous system (known as “fight or flight” and “freeze or fawn”) and our biological survival programs are activated.

The area of the body affected is determined by the unconscious centers in our brain and is based on how we perceive the “thing” we need to survive. Every part of the brain is connected to a part of or system in our body.

With precise accuracy, we can determine what the issue was that started the symptom(s) and provide individualized support for that specific biological survival program to be fully resolved.

Most symptoms start AFTER there is some kind of resolution to what triggered us, which is most often only a circumstantial or superficial resolution. We discover that a new illness began 3-6 months after a major life change (MLC).

Before we discuss that, let me emphasize something really important:

When we interrupt the healing phase of symptoms (take the blue pill) to try and manage, mask, suppress, or address symptoms – WE PUT THE BODY BACK INTO A STATE OF SYMPATHETIC DOMINANCE BECAUSE THE BODY WASN’T ABLE TO FULLY ADDRESS THE CHANGES MADE BY THE SURVIVAL PROGRAM. This often alleviates symptoms in the short-term, but causes them to come back months later or to be re-occurring and to become chronic. You then require ongoing support and symptom management to keep them at bay.

The alternative (the red pill) is knowing with complete clarity what the symptom means and how to support the body in fully completing its own restoration process so that it goes back to optimal function on its own, without requiring ongoing “tools”. That takes about 3-5 months for most illnesses.

We help every individual we work with to discover the major life change(s) prior to the onset of their illness(s). In that work, we are able to help them identify the exact internal dialogue (inner conflict) that triggered the sympathetic dominance. When we do, they are able to see the theme of that same trigger throughout their past and in every part of their current life. It’s as if they had been wearing a pair of glasses they didn’t know they were wearing that was causing them to see life in a certain way. When we help them discover the glasses they were wearing, they finally had the choice to take them off.

We do similar work for individuals that experience flare-ups of old conditions in helping them identify the trigger that activated the survival program.

And it works. Every time.

So let’s recap this in attempts to not cause too much cognitive dissonance:

  1. Every symptom was intentionally created.
  2. We can figure out the root cause of any symptom based on what part of the brain is responsible for that part of the body.
  3. If you suppress the symptom you will stop the body from being able to complete its healing process. This is why symptoms and illnesses become chronic.
  4. You can instead learn how to support your body in completing its healing process, in which case function returns to optimal and no symptoms persist.
  5. Better yet, you can learn to live in the parasympathetic, in which case those survival programs don’t run long enough to create cellular biological changes, which means there’s no need to reverse those changes.

This is the red pill.

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