Why the Chronic Illness Solution Practitioners Have Ditched Their Formal Titles to Do This Work

It’s so common in western medicine to ask what credentials a provider has

What we have discovered, however, is that no amount of credentialing in western medicine is causing the results our clients are wanting. They do not want another pill, surgery, or band-aid approach. The same applies to alternative, holistic, integrative, and functional medicines. While those tools are different; more natural and diverse, they are still just band-aid fixes. 

Our practitioners found their formal credentials didn’t help them heal

Our practitioners, while having varied backgrounds-functional medicine, nursing, nutrition, therapy, heart-math, and more-do not use the information gained in the credentialing process. Why? Because it didn’t work. 

Our practitioners have all gone through the Complete Health Program

Our practitioners found the Complete Health Program, applied it in their own path to complete healing, and developed such a passion for it that they went on to train for many years to be able to teach it to clients. Our practitioners are unique, in that they teach from their own experience and journey, not from a concept they learned in school. If your health provider has not walked where you are walking and arrived at where you want to be, they certainly cannot advise you successfully. 

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