The Impact of Perception On Biology

It is imperative that one master the art of elevating consciousness through life’s challenges and perceived struggles. Without this ability, one is only left with the impact of such external forces affecting them from victim consciousness. 

The inability to navigate life’s ups and downs from an expanded and ever expanding point of view limits  one’s experience of life to cyclical patterns, habits, cycles and therefore results.

With the internal ability to be brutally honest with oneself in the experience of life externally and internally, one obtains the perspective always necessary to move forward with meaning and value.

It is value within one’s experience of life and oneself that actually provides peace necessary to remain in a parasympathetic-dominant state, where one’s biochemistry is optimal and the cell’s ability to repair is turned on.

Within victim consciousness there is a narrowed scope put on one’s view of life. From this limited scope one cannot perceive the “hidden good” or opportunity within one’s circumstance that one can utilize to improve their plot of life.

Perceived inconsistencies in what one thinks life “should be” is the foundation for suffering, struggle, and survival-mode. As biological creatures, perception is inextricably interwoven with the body’s responses and state of health.

This does not make the healing journey “spiritual” or “psychological” in nature. It’s simply reveals the biological nature and impact of one’s unconscious perceptions. 

If you want the biological response to change, you must change the perception.

Without addressing the underlying driving force of the biological responses taking place – perception – one can simply force biochemical changes through manipulation of biological processes. However, the results and effects will be short-lived as the overall organism returns to its fundamental operating state.

To become fully healthy is to alter the “default operating state” to be one that is supportive to optimal function, biochemical balance, cellular regeneration and repair.

It is from within this deep dive into one’s unconscious-psych-centers that a journey unfolds – unraveling biological symptoms to their psychological origin.

However healing does not take place in rehashing the past, but rather, bringing the unconscious “threads of fate” to conscious awareness in the present day experience of life.

It is not in resolving past experiences in one’s memory centers that produces the lasting effects. But rather, by altering one’s interaction, perception, and engagement with oneself in “moment-by-moment living”, the “fate of origin” in the memory centers of the brain also change as they become “no longer relevant” to one’s “default biological operating state”.

It is within this process that one’s entire frame of consciousness and relating to oneself and the world changes. As if stepping from one entire paradigm – worldview of life – into an entirely different paradigm – alternate view of life. As if one has lenses through which they are looking through that gets switched to highlight different colors. 

Indeed, a victim consciousness and perception thereof is vastly different than someone’s interpretation of life and life events from a more expanded consciousness.

These concepts expressed through words cannot and will not land to the listener in the same way they are being spoken because each person has filters – unconscious – that are designed to reinforce their current view of life.

This is why it is imperative to seek a mentor that embodies the nature of these concepts and can aid someone to bring conscious the unconscious “blind spots” that reinforces their current biological default mode.

This is why Michal and her team have put together a process to allow one to uncover and face the very nature of their “illness identity” and the unconscious patterns and habits that are unhealthy and driving this default “sympathetic dominant” “survival mode” that is keeping one in a state of “perpetual illness physiology”. 

Only when it becomes clear to each individual the very “nature of their illness” and the driving force behind it, which is internal, can one make a conscious choice to heal or not heal.

Up to the point one can make a conscious choice, one will be driven by their unconscious patterns, habits and “survival mode” that will repetitively prove “illness is impossible to eliminate”.

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